Well-being as requested

A massage with us is something Special because our therapists only want one Thing – for you to definitely feel better afterwards.

If you have any minor niggles, let us know in good time so that we can better focus on your well-being requirements. We use organic oils from Vitalis for all our massages.

The Classic massage

This involves the vigorous kneading and massage of the entire body. If you play sports on holiday, this Classic massage is ideal for you.

50 min. | € 59,-

The Effective massage

Tension in your back? This will give you quick relief in a short time. This massage will make you feel great!

25 min. | € 37,-

Special neck massage

Have you strained your neck or are you experiencing pain? This combination of cranial reflexology and classic massage releases existing tensions gently and softly.

50 min. | € 59,-

Lymphatic drainage

This gentle massage has a direct influence on the body's lymphatic system. It plays an important part in drainage, detoxification and purification as well as for congestion and oedema.

50 min. | € 60,-

Sofri aromatherapy oil massage

Discover the world of Sofri aromas and don't just enjoy the effect of these beauty elixirs on your skin. Their fragrance will bring you both physical and spiritual well-being. The natural essential oils have a holistic effect and strengthen the body's defences. Before your treatment begins, we will ask you to select an oil of your choice.

25 min. | € 39,-

50 min. | € 63,-

The Sports massage

An absolute blessing for anyone who is very active. Your legs and back are massaged with organic arnica oil which will really loosen and relax them.

25 min. | € 39,-
50 min. | € 63,-

Reflexology foot massage

Reflexology therapy promotes the recipient's self-healing powers and does not just fight their symptoms and illnesses from one direction. An improvement in dysfunctional organs and tissue functions will be achieved.

25 min. | € 36,-
50 min. | € 57,-

Foot massage

Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the Feeling of walking on clouds.

25 min. | € 37,-

Leg massage

Tired legs? This effective massage will relax and rejuvenate them.

25 min. | € 37,-


Hot & cold stone massage

An outstanding treatment for deep Relaxation and a feeling of well-being and harmony of body, mind and spirit. The hot and cold Stone treatment is a wonderfully relaxing massage using hot volcanic stones (basalt) to stimulate the circulation, release blockages and relieve stress.

In addition to the 7 Sofri Color Energy fragrances, the power of colours and its natural essential oils combine with the energy of the stones to provide a ensual and meditative massage experience.

50 min. | € 78,-

Organic Alpine herbal ball massage

This highly effective, yet relaxing and detoxifying full body massage involves alternating firm and gentle movements and strokes along the muscles, meridians and lymph ducts. The wonderful fragrance of herbs in hot neutral sesame oil releases tension in the muscles and tissues, delivering completely new and comforting sensations throughout your body.

50 min. | € 78,-


Color Energy Massage candle

Experience a new world of massage. Enjoy a wonderfully relaxing treatment using the Color Energy massage candle. The massage candle is a cosmetic candle which also brings light to your skin.

50 min. | € 67,-


Acupoint massage – simply relaxing

Acupoint massage has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine. In contrast to acupuncture, acupoint massage treats the entire meridian by means of surface stimulation of the skin using a small metal rod. Acupoint massage has a regulatory effect on the body, promoting its regeneration and maintaining health. It is particularly known for having a swift and immediate effect. The purpose of the treatment is to restore the free flow of energy throughout the body.

40 min. | € 70,-

Natural massages with organic essential oils from Vitalis

"Increase your strength"

Increases your spiritual and physical energy.

25 min. | € 39,-
50 min. | € 63,-

"Inner balance"

Maintains peace and serenity.

25 min. | € 39,-
50 min. | € 63,-

"Sleep well"

For a gentle transition into sleep. For young and old!

25 min. | € 39,-
50 min. | € 63,-


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