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Your Hotel Alpenblick in Zell am See

Experience unique moments in the Hotel Alpenblick.

Giving your thoughts free rein. Enjoying a dreamy time. Experiencing the luxury of the natural surroundings. Taking in a feast for the eyes and delighting your taste-buds. Discovering a new way of life in terms of well-being. It’s all about the passion for the moment – that simple "Carpe diem". Leaving moments for later to just be and gaining inspiration for what is to come. Tomorrow is another day of your holiday. And the day after tomorrow too. And the day after that. This yields a change in perspective.

That’s what loveliness is. Well, that is a matter of opinion but one thing is clear – it comes from within. And indeed, on the surface we do a lot of good for you in the Alpenblick. With the Alpine skyline looking almost within your grasp and your mind, limitless thoughts. Borne always by the element water. Refreshing, invigorating, sparkling. Dive into our panorama water realm and be whisked off into a realm of the senses. Finishing off with some gentle TLC during a massage. Pamper body, mind & soul.

Flakes of magic and an Alpine idyll. So close to paradise. Glacier and ice. Huttengaudi and a refreshment stop. Feeling like you are on top of the world. Being there. Being at one. Being free. New questions. Better answers. The world doesn’t turn any slower but your own universe seems to stand still for a short time. That’s tranquillity.