Clinical Swiss Organics

Did you ever think your skin care could be organic and effective at the same time?

Clinical Swiss Organics biomedical skin care by Methode Physiodermie®, which we offer at Beauty Hotel Alpenblick, is a unique organic product line with proven clinical efficacy.

  • ORGANIC: COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife following the COSMOS standard
  • SAFE: 0 % scents | silicones | parabens | mineral oils | EDTA/BHA/BHBT
  • MINIMALISTIC: Simple and effective formula: no extra ingredients, only those that are essential for the desired effects
  • EFFECTIVE: Functional ingredients with clinical efficacy and the highest-possible amount of active agents
  • TRANSPARENT: ALL ingredients are described on the packaging, including their effect on your skin
  • PERSONALIZED: Each person is unique. That is why all our treatments are uniquely customized to meet your needs.

Facial Treatments

Clinical Swiss Organics products are made exclusively from plant-based active agents, essential oils, and natural extracts. Developed and tested by Laboratoire Sintyl 's research team in Geneva.

Groundbreaking innovation, research, and production since 1974, following the highest quality and safety standards. Because only the best is good enough for you--at Wellness Hotel Alpenblick in Zell am See.


BIO SKIN RENEW – Express Facial Treatment

This is THE radiance-boost treatment. The Clinical Swiss Organics AHA+ micro-peeling detoxifies the skin by removing blemishes and dead skin cells. Makes the skin smooth and glowing. The perfect express treatment!

55 minutes | € 75

BIO SKIN ENERGIZING – Intensive Full Treatment

The intensive Clinical Swiss Organics full treamtment for a new skin effect. The combined effect of AHA+ micro-peeling and massage removes blemishes and dead skin cells, drains toxins, and supports cell renewal.

The added stomach treatment stimulates lymph, gall, and liver, and supports the shedding of toxins. Glowing and deeply revitalized skin is the result.

65 minutes | € 99

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