Teenager Summer Days

10 July bis 27 August 2023

Want to leave your parents behind and just have fun? That's no problem at 4*Superior Hotel Alpenblick! Teenager Summer Days is the perfect program for youths aged 12-16 years. Simply sign up until 6 p.m. the day before at the front desk.

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Detailed information about events & the program can be found in the Teenager Summer Days flyer and at the front desk.

Segway Tour

Segway riding can be learned easily and quickly. It is incredibly fun, possible everywhere, and very environmentally-friendly, of course.

A battery-operated Segway can go as fast as 20 km/h. Logging roads, meadows, and light terrain do not pose any problem for a Segway. It is easy to get the hang of and then the fun starts immediately!


The rivers in the province of Salzburg are some of Austria's most interesting rafting rivers. With an experienced team of rafting guides and modern wild water gear you will be all set for the outdoors. It is an experience that is also a lot of fun in rainy weather.

Wind Surfing

Surfing the waves on Lake Zell is in even more fun in a group!

With a surface of almost 5 km², Lake Zell offers plenty of space to try out a new sport. The right wind provides the speed and a lot of excitement for a great surfing experience.

Disc Golf

The goal of disc golf on Schmittenhöhe is to "hole" a frisbee into a basket from a certain distance with as few throws as possible–and that 18 times throughout the downhill parcours. This calls for patience, endurance, and focus!

The action-packed hiking trail has various difficulty levels. Sturdy shoes are a must!


Explore alpine streams and waterfalls and climb, swim, and jump along the watercourse.

Experience nature's powerfulness up close. Crystal clear water, roaring waterfalls, extraordinary rock formations.

Canyoning is simultaneously an adventure and an experience of nature, paired with a generous dose of thrill and fun!


Overcome boundaries, conquer hurdles, reach summits, and enjoy the spectacular panorama view!

Climbing in the wild is a fascinating challenge. Not only strength, but agility and technique especially are needed for climbing.

Mountain Skyving Tour

This rapid downhill adventure goes over rough and smooth. The light-weight and foldable mountain scooters guarantee pure adrenaline.

Enjoy the scenic descent to the fullest and feel the airflow!

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