Your wedding celebrations
in the Hotel Alpenblick

The loveliest day in your life


Enjoy an unforgettable day with the family and all your friends and loved ones. A rousing party featuring wonderful food and a great ambience. A romantic ambience and perfect organisation
- that’s what it should be like for the loveliest day of your year. We in the Hotel Alpenblick will help you realise this dream.

We provide you with a stylish ambience for your wedding celebrations whatever size it is!

The Segl family have over 30 years of experience in putting together package deals, decorations and in selecting quality menus. We are happy to provide you with bespoke, no-obligation, advice.


Speciality of the hotel

Stone Age food was all about eating food from hot stone. So how do you barbecue on hot stone? Special hot natural stone is strewn with salt. The meat is placed on the hot stone - without any oil or fat, turned after 15 seconds and grilled on the other side for another 15 seconds. The meat is now cut into bite-sized pieces, seasoned and each bite is grilled a little bit more – to your preference. Well-done, medium and rare.
It is then served in lovely dishes with a variety of other meats, like turkey, pork and beef, as well as a wide range of vegetables. Choose pommes frites or potato wedges as sides. Four different sauces are available for all dishes.
Food from the hot stone is only available on pre-order. On request the dishes can also be prepared in the kitchen for you.

A variety of rooms in different sizes are available for you. The right ambience is provided for any size of event – from a wedding with a small circle of close friends to a huge celebration.