Cuisine & Enjoyment

Our kitchen prioritizes your health and your enjoyment. Because we work with producers, deliverers, farmers, and direct marketers from the surrounding area, we provide you with fresh high-quality, regional products.

  • fit KITCHEN: only the right nutrition will add to your fitness and performance in a sustainable way
  • Kids' buffets: with everything kids like to eat
  • Regional & seasonal: we value fresh, unprocessed food and clean eating
  • Alkaline nutrition for athletes: the acid alkaline balance is established when taking in the macro nutrients in the correct ratio
  • Conscious eating: mental & physical balance can also be achieved when eating – take the time to enjoy!
  • Clear mountain water: our own spring delivers pure GRANDER water from the Alps – the ideal refreshment
  • 🌿Vegetarian | Vegan diet: nutrient-rich, varied diet, from breakfast to dinner, new menu variations are waiting for you every day! 🌿

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The way to a man's heart is through his stomach – not always? But always on vacation!

With our extension we turned several things in our restaurant upside-down.

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Fit Kitchen

Fit KITCHEN – that does not only sound good, it also tastes that way!

It already starts at breakfast. Bread fresh from the oven, eggs, porridge, soups & daily highlights will coax you from the feathers. The "fountain of strength" provides you with smoothies and juices.

Colorful fruit, vegetables, and superfoods strengthen you in the morning – a tea and coffee bar complement the breakfast experience.

During the day you can dine or grab a bite in the restaurant, lounge, or bar – we offer regional & international cuisine.

In the evenings we spoil you with delicious meals, which re-establish your body's acid alkaline balance. Accompanied by a wine suggestion from our sommeliers, if you like. Alternatively, according to your needs, you can choose from our balanced and varied menus.


Together with K+K Kirnbauer winery we serve Alpenblick Red Moments, White Moments & Sparkling Moments! Our sommeliers and junior sommeliers love to share their expertise and create the "perfect match" for your palate. The K + K Kirnbauer vineyard in Deutschkreuz is a renowned family-owned business with 400,000 m² of wine-growing area, which made wine history in 1987 with the "Phantom" and marked the beginning of Austrian cuvée culture. Its house philosophy consists of the extraordinary harmony of wine and wood (from their own forest) as well as sustainable cultivation.

Apart from our excellent house wines derived from famous Austrian vineyards and prize-winning schnaps from the farm-based distillery of Siegfried Herzog , we offer a great selection of other fine wines and spirits.

Ask for the Alpenblick schnaps cart and taste renowned spirits. Further, wonderful wine tastings take place in the Alpenblick Alp. Reminisce about your vacation day in a pleasant atmosphere with a pre-dinner drink or refined cocktail at our hotel bar.

Pinzgau Milch Maishofen | Traditional company close to nature

Regional Partners

We are not quite solely responsible for the extensive service you can expect as our guest. In our daily striving to make your vacation unforgettable we cooperate with a number of great partners and businesses.

Through these colaborations we become even better and our service level rises. And the guest is aware of this at Sport Resort Alpenblick. The following provides you with an overview of our partner businesses in the hotel.

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