Your Hosts

We are fit AND family! The Segl family and the Segl crew welcome you to Sport Resort Alpenblick.

We are a fmily-run businaess that relies on values and tradition as much as it courageously follows new paths.

It is important to us to protect existing resources. We believe in sustainability, especially when extending infrastructure and in the culinary arts.

Our Philosophy

Family is – as is obvious when looking at our photos – a central part of our life.

This includes our employees, but also our friends and our dear guests.

We view the Alpenblick as a social gathering place: It is a venue for communication, where locals and guests hold celebrations, and where the traditional local hosting and dining culture is alive.


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"With our feet on the ground, our head in the vision, our hands on the tools, and our hearts with the people."

Christine & Georg Segl

The Segl Crew

As part of our renovation we developed a new team concept. Starting now we are going to "sail" as the Segl crew (i.e. sailing crew) into the future – so that together we can provide you with an even more pleasurable and relaxing holiday experience.

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