Body and Life in Balance

"In my kinesiology and energy work, it is my intention to accompany and support people, and help them to again see the essential and beautiful in everyday life," Karin Rainer, certified kinesiologist, explains. A conscious and healthy lifestyle is conducive to keeping body, mind, and soul healthy.

Kinesiological Balance

  • Identify & relieve stress and blocks
  • Activate the body's own self-healing powers
  • Balance energy flow
  • Recreate inner harmony

Swing in Harmony

Kinesiological & energetic balances are no substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment. It is important to create a sensible synergy between conventional medicine and (alternative) energetic treatments.

At Wellness Hotel Alpenblick we use our spa, wellness, beauty & energetic treatments to pave the way for you to have a balanced, harmonious every-day life.

"It's my goal to support people and to simply have happier people around me."

Karin Rainer



The holistic kinesiological balance strengthens the entire body structure as well as all biochemical and physiological aspects. Not to forget the mental strengthening and the energetic pain reduction of backache, knee pain and other pain in the locomotor system.

60 minutes | € 88


This kinesiological balance uses brain formats to target specific areas of the brain. Physiological processes of the brain areas, stress relief, and a balance between the two cerebral hemispheres can be achieved in an optimal way, and energetic limitations or blocks in brain functioning can be reversed.

At the same time it becomes possible to put one's "gut feeling" to use in an appropriate way. That means that the entire neurological network of the digestive system (=abdominal brain) in connection with heart-brain-integration is set free again so that one's own, inner truth can be used in daily life.

60 minutes | € 88


Kinesiology uses muscle testing as a possibility to identify blocks. In simple terms: If a muscle reacts strongly to the test, its functioning is intact, i.e. stress-free. If it reacts weakly, then that is a sign of stress, a consequence of disharmonious information in the body.

Stress is any impairment in motion sequence or vital function, whether it is a thought, feeling or bodily function. We experience the stressors' ramifications as symptoms, illness or problems. The causes that led to it are saved in our energy system until they are counterbalanced.

In deeper kinesiological balances, emotions are reappraised, beliefs redefined and reprogrammed, and experiences accepted and transformed.

60 minutes | € 88

70 minutes | € 99


This kinesiological balance deals with all components of the innate and learned immune system, such as lymphocytes or phagocytes. The focus is on strengthening the immune system, with a particular emphasis on the channeling of toxins, bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

An effective kinesiological treatment for achieving energetic balance.

60 minutes | € 88


The man of today is under a lot of pressure. He should be successful at his job, bring home the main income, be the perfect father and lover, look after himself to stay fit, take over half of the household chores, be the protector, a gentleman, and self-confident but no sissy.

Dear male human being, you need to be perfect, fulfill all expectations, never fail, and overachieve. In kinesiology we use muscle testing to work at the root of the problem – mentally – emotionally – energetically.

  • No more pressure, rush, and stress!
  • Turn negative thoughts and feelings into joy!
  • Refocus on the essentials!
  • Say good-bye to your fear and gain more happiness and self-confidence!
  • Have the courage to follow your heart! The possibilities for a happy life are limitless!

60 minutes | € 88


Anger, fear, hate, annoyance, or an oversized takeoff every so often are frequently a part of our daily life. Your boss is putting stress on you, your partner has demands, and the kids are getting on your nerves. But it does not have to be like that. With this balance you will find your equilibrium again and can free yourself from burdensome emotions and stress. Freedom and serenity are experienced anew.

60 minutes | € 88


This is an holistic energetic method which stimulates body, mind, and soul to reunify, and which deeply relaxes the body. Holistic pulsing is a gentle way to make your hard, cramped, and tough cells get back into motion. The cells remember their original state and come alive again.

In this way every cell in the body is invited to "dance," to let go of the burden of the traumatic and limiting experiences we make every day and store in our cell memory, to let go, and to dive into the roundelay of health, well-being, and the fullness of life.

60 minutes | € 88

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