Love Your Look - Flawless Skin has Many Faces

Understanding the skin's language, interpreting its needs, and compiling a goal-oriented care program.

At 4*s Beauty Hotel Alpenblick we rely on our holistic 5-pillar-program, special anamnesis methods, the most modern treatment techniques, and medical organic cosmetics.

The ideal, customized care and treatment for your skin type.

  • Individual skin analysis & anamnesis
  • Profound analysis of your skin needs
  • Analysis of your lifestyle & diet
  • Compilation of the products ideal for you
  • Compilation of personal care program
  • Tailored beauty treatments
  • Holistic SPA treatments & programs for your skin health
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Principally Beautiful

Methode Physiodermie® rests upon the interplay of the 3 Ts, the three pillars of each therapy:

  • T1 - Cause detection of a skin anomaly, wrinkles, blackheads, acne, hair loss etc.
  • T2 - Personalized active substance products for your care at home
  • T3 - Detoxifying and stimulating body and face treatments to heighten the products' efficacy
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Morphological Types

Each person is an individual. Therefore morphological analysis is essential for determining the customized, ideal choice of treatment for each person.

It does not only analyze those problems that are connected with the skin but goes much deeper: mental and physical imbalances are also taken into consideration in the beauty & spa treatment–and rebalanced. Because "Love your Look" should work holistically and make you glow inside and out.

Powerful Men and Regeneration also take the morphological type into consideration.

Nervous Type

  • Face shape: triangular, broad forehead
  • Lips: thin, narrow, with vertical wrinkles
  • Shoulders: narrow and thin
  • Torso: narrow and long, small or no waist
  • Breast: narrow and underdeveloped
  • Pelvis: narrow, thin and bony
  • Legs: long, thin
  • Body shape: thin and long
  • Skin tone: pale-yellow
  • Skin contact: cold and dry
  • Muscles: underdeveloped, narrow, long, and thin

Personality Traits

(+) abstract thinker, independent, intuitive, keen perception, dynamic, stable

(-) nervous, subjective, irrational, critical, impatient, irritable, timid, brusque, skeptical

Bilious Type

  • Face shape: square, rectangular
  • Lips: delicate, narrow, center lines
  • Shoulders: broad, angular, straight
  • Torso: narrow waist, well-proportioned
  • Breast: well-proportioned
  • Pelvis: well-formed, narrower than the shoulders, not tilted forward
  • Body shape: harmonious appearance
  • Skin tone: yellow, olive
  • Skin contact: warm and dry
  • Muscles: good appearance and well-defined

Personality Traits

(+) dynamic, practical, objective, controlled, precise, methodical, ambitious

(-) dry, rough, persistent, imperious, impatient, uncompromising, authoritarian, emotional outbursts

Hemal Type

  • Face shape: oval, hexagonal
  • Lips: big, red, broad lip line
  • Shoulders: broad, slightly tending downwards
  • Torso: well-developed, square, more pronounced than the lower body
  • Breast: round, full, close together
  • Pelvis: broad, strong, tilted forward
  • Body shape: robust and solid
  • Skin tint: pink
  • Skin contact: warm and damp
  • Muscles: consistent, solid, rounded
  • Bone structure: broad and solid

Personality Traits

(+) optimistic, spontaneous, dynamic, concrete, independent, lively, passionate, sociable, inventive

(-) imperious, impatient, impulsive, anxious, seeks approval and recognition

Lymphatic Type

  • Face shape: round
  • Lips: soft, pale, hanging corners of the mouth
  • Shoulders: narrow, hanging
  • Torso: large and short, no waist
  • Breast: well-developed, low, sagging
  • Pelvis: voluminous, large, tends to collect water
  • Body shape: corpulent and round
  • Skin tint: shimmering white
  • Skin contact: cold and damp
  • Muscles: hardly palpable due to being covered by wateriness and fat
  • Bone structure: coarse

Personality Traits

(+) concrete, practical, sense of community, adaptable, stable, calm, patient, methodical

(-) passive, slow, indecisive, untrusting, dislikes change, follower, traditionalist

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Treatment: Methode Physiodermie®

By combining two or more products, a tailored blend is created with perfect precision–personalized to meet your skin needs. Special massages support the body's detoxification as well as regeneration and heighten the treatment's efficacy. Together, you and your specialist will create your personal Love Your Look treatment plan based on the anamnesis.

Ancient Knowledge Meets High-tech

Organic aromas form the core of Methode Physiodermie. The plant-based agent compounds are geared to your anomalies and customized for you. MEIMA technology is an innovative micro-encapsulation technique with an extraordinarily high concentration of plant essences. It releases the active agents where the skin needs them the most. Thereby the skin's ecosystem is restored.

Love Your Look and Glow

Methode Physiodermie always follows the same principle: to identify the cause of anomalies, rebalance the complexion, and subsequently heighten perfusion and nutrient supply.



A specially developed massage that prepares your skin for absorbing nutrients in a targetedly better way. The MLD facial is a combination of muscle stimulation and a stimulus for the venous and lymphatic circulation of the face but also the decollete.

It combines western and far eastern massage techniques for maximal effects in a very short amount of time.

Principal Characteristics of this Treatment

✔ Drainage removes wateriness
✔ Supports the expulsion process of toxins
✔ Helps lastingly against rings under the eyes and eye bags
✔ Better supply of cells with oxygen and nutrients

55 minutes | € 75


A natural lifting! PHYSIOTONING counteracts the skin becoming saggy by strengthening the muscles into their depths. By purposefully stimulating the face's energy points and meridians, the surface of the skin is vitalized and the capillaries are strengthened. In addition, the invigorating technique leads to a faster regeneration of skin cells.

The massage includes special stroking, tapping, and pulling techniques.

✔ Reduces pores and wrinkles
✔ Stimulates face muscles and brings nutrients into cells
✔ Increases circulation and tautens skin

85 minutes | € 113


The anti-aging treatment was specially developed for more mature and especially dry skin. Micro-encapsulated hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into the skin and moisturizes it. The serums have an immediate as well as a long-lasting effect.

65 minutes | € 89


Especially with age the skin loses its resilience and elasticity. Tonifiant massage combined with the respective active substance serums stimulates muscle tone and achieves a natural lifting effect.

65 minutes | € 89


Sensitive skin, eczema, redness, and rosacea develop due to a weak hydrolipid film. Morphlymph treatment rebuilds the skin's natural protective film and thereby alleviates redness and skin disorders.

55 minutes | € 75


Acne, skin blemishes, large pores, and oily skin develop due to excessive sebum production, induced by heightened hormonal activity and often also stress. Bacterial inflammation leads to redness and can also create the known acne scars.

55 minutes | € 75

Individual Services


Eyelash tinting € 15
Eyebrow tinting € 14
Eyebrow correction € 14
Combination eyelash and eyebrow tinting € 25
Depilation upper lip € 14


Manicure without lacquer € 49
Manicure with lacquer € 57
French lacquer only in combination with manicure € 17
Shellac (UV nail lacquer) € 31
Shellac removal € 10


Pedicure without lacquer € 49
Pedicure with lacquer € 57
French lacquer only in combination with pedicure € 13

Sugaring or Waxing

Bikini area € 22
Armpits € 25
Arms € 32
Lower legs € 33
Legs € 60
Legs and bikini area € 77

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