Powerful Men

Wellness for Real Fellas

Wellness for the powerful man: massage, spa, and facial treatments are also a man's business! At Wellness Hotel & Sport Resort Alpenblick we cater especially to your needs with our MAN POWER! With Methode Physiodermie® Chrono Homme your type and skin will be analyzed based on morphological types. Following an anamnesis, your treatment and product will be tailored to fit your type.

Because Men's Skin is Different

  • The Technology – innovative high-end micro-encapsulation
  • The Method – personalized and tailored to fit your type
  • The Content – genuine and authentic, tested
  • The Treatment – unmistakable, to the point
  • The Result – visibly attractive and totally energetic

Chrono Homme

A cream that can do anything–made just for you. The serum, the cleansing–customized for your type. Personalized. Target-oriented effects. No side-effects.


Chrono Homme Care

Suitable for any skin type: cleansing, skin diagnosis, peeling, deep cleansing and mask.

55 minutes | € 99


A quick, fresh look and perfect for countering rings under the eyes and eye bags! The origin of eye bags are often lymphatic accumulation and blockages.

By using a special massage technique, we work against these blockages, and in addition bring the lymphatic flow going again with a stomach treatment. This "Powerful Man" treatment combination will give you a younger and healthier appearance!

70 minutes | € 119


Profound cell regeneration for the powerful man! An intelligent anti-aging facial that will boost your taxed skin. It minimizes the signs of aging skin and soothes irritated skin. This treatment protects the skin against damage caused by shaving and air pollution.

After only one treatment, wrinkle depth is significantly reduced and the skin's moisture depots are replenished.

70 minutes | € 119

Individual Services

Manicure | € 49

Pedicure | € 49


Forearms | € 26
Arms with shoulders | € 37
Hands | € 12
Underarms | € 25
Back | € 33
Loins | € 24
Chest | € 34
Stomach | € 24
Chest and stomach | € 55
Lower legs | € 37
Legs | € 71

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