Treatments that Go under the Skin

Fight and remedy the root cause instead of scratching the symptoms' surface. This is the goal and creed of Methode Physiodermie®.

The treatments at Beauty and Wellness Hotel Alpenblick are therefore not solely focused on skin problems, but also take physical and mental aspects into account for a holistic kind of regeneration.

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  • Anamnesis based on ancient morphological types
  • Analysis of your personal type
  • Customized active agent serums for your type
  • Personalized treatments that meet your needs
  • Tailored programs to fight your skin problems

Detox & Drain

All Methode Physiodermie® body treatments are a combination of elements of Asian and European massage techniques. It is tasked with stimulating and maximizing the body's detoxifying functions. For only by re-establishing the body's own balance and cleansing, can nutrients and oxygen stimulate our cells again, leading to glowing, healthy skin and sustained regeneration.

Learn more about the types.

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Body Treatments for Sustained Regeneration

Stimulate and maximize the body's detoxifying functions. Re-establish balance. Regenerate in a sustained way. At Wellness & Beauty Hotel Alpenblick in Austria.



Our digestion plays a central role for our skin. The morpho-digestive stomach treatment rebalances our digestion.

Stimulation of special acupressure points animates all excretion organs, and toxins are increasingly removed. The natural gastro-intestinal function is rebalanced, whereby the body's defenses are strengthened and sustained regeneration is supported.

✔ Benefits bowel function
✔ Supports the shedding of toxins

25 minutes | € 35


The Physiobain treatment is customized to fit your personal morphological type before you are gently embedded on the vitalis cot–a kind of hammock. The steam that rises under you strengthens the effect of the plant-based body treatment. Body and mind can relax in a completely natural way and are brought back into balance.

Choose your desired effect:

  • Physiobain – anti-stress
  • Physiobain – anti-cellulite
  • Physiobain – against heavy feet and legs, spider veins
  • Physiobain – against bad skin on one's back

30 minutes | € 49

TIP: For maximum results, also use Physiobain in the morning or evening in a hot bath or in the shower!

As home-SPA product € 19


The specially developed massage technique animates the venous and lymphatic circulation. It loosens the muscles, stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, and supports the perfusion of the inner organs. Slag substances are removed from the body.

✔ Drainage removes wateriness
✔ Supports the expulsion process of toxins
✔ Better supply of cells with oxygen and nutrients
✔ Supports fat metabolism

55 minutes | € 79

TIP: Combine this treatment with a curative wrap for maximum results.


Let yourself be swaddled and relax and have your body work against excess fat and cellulite. The detoxifying compress stimulates kidney, gall bladder and lung activity and brings back bounce to your body.

Enjoy the time in a soothing mix of algae and serums which heighten lipolysis in adipose cells and work against cellulite.

✔ Skin tightening
✔ Removal of excess water from fat cells
✔ Heightened cell tension

25 minutes | € 45

TIP: This treatment is best combined with the Physiodetox body treatment for maximum results!

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