Autumn Detox Treatment

04 September - 30 November 2023

from € 854 per person
incl. detox treatment

Restful sleep

Good sleep not only strengthens the immune system but also relieves the detoxification system. Restful sleep is, therefore, an important component of a detox cure.

Ideal preparation

A few days before the detox, focus your diet on fresh fruit and vegetables, protein-rich meat, poultry or fish and limit your sugar and caffeine intake.

4 or 7 nights

  • Alkaline Detox Diet - You start the day with an acid-alkaline detox breakfast to cleanse the body naturally: Choice of alkaline foods from the buffet such as warm porridge, millet porridge or chia pudding with fruit, good morning smoothie, warm ginger water, etc.
  • In the evening, vegan or alkaline detox menu with fresh and seasonal foods
  • Drink plenty of fresh Grander water to keep your body hydrated

Detox & Balance Programme

  • Individual skin analysis & anamnesis
  • In-depth analysis of your skin needs
  • Analysis of your lifestyle & nutritional habits
  • 1 detoxifying Physiodetox facial treatment, 55 minutes
  • 1 detoxifying Physiodetox body treatment, 55 minutes
  • 1 morphodigestive abdominal treatment to support intestinal function, 25 minutes
  • 1 lymph drainage according to Dr. Vodder, 25 minutes
  • Compilation of an individual care programme for the home spa

  • For 7 days - Including all points from above and additionally
  • 1 aroma salt peeling & aroma oil massage, 50 minutes
  • 1 session of personal training

Supervised Fit Mind Body Programme

  • Sporting activities in the fresh air stimulate the metabolism, promote blood circulation to the kidneys and liver and stimulate the lymphatic system
  • Our Fit-Mind-Body exercise programme is based on six pillars and supports your detox cure: wake-up-run, Tabata training, abdominal workout, fascia training, cycling, hiking, etc.
  • Use of the panorama fitness room on over 300 m² with high-tech equipment from the TechnoGym Artis line
  • "ALPENblick" sports drink bottle
  • Free bike hire
  • incl. all benefits of the summer and mobility card

Spa & Wellness

4 nights from

€ 854*

per person

7 nights from

€ 1.361*

per person

*excl. local tax of € 2,05 and € 2,00 energy supplement per person and night

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