Sporthotel Alpenblick Zell am See Salzburg Austria Pool Winter

Sporthotel Alpenblick Zell am See Salzburg Austria Pool Winter

Kingdom of the senses

The very best sauna, steam bath etc.


We inspire you in our realm of the senses – the sauna area – which provides a variety of options.

In our 90 degree Salzburg sauna lodge you get to enjoy a spacious sauna which has comfortable seats and benches and in particular the wonderful views to the open surroundings from the panorama window!

60 degree organic sauna, amethyst steam bath, various relaxation rooms and the Stille Alm await you.

Enjoy the warmth, let go, take a deep breath and forget the hectic pace of life

Our 60 degree organic sauna stands out thanks to its lovely wooden style and pleasant heat, and in particular
thanks to its high humidity!
Sweat it out in the 60 degree

Kingdom of Senses

Amethyst steam bath

The extremely high humidity and heat contribute to the special recuperative effect


Infrared sauna

With the infrared sauna from Physiotherm you get to enjoy the special penetrating heat of the infrared rays!

They can be used on a regular basis:

  • to strengthen the immune system
  • increase circulation and improve ethe metabolism
  • alleviate tension and back pain
  • A Physiotherm infrared cabin treatment can promote detoxification
  • The treatment has a positive effect on skin ailments
  • A session in the Physiotherm infrared cabin is much like light cardiovascular training.

In our relaxation rooms you get to enjoy some peace and quiet.


Our "Stille Alm" which has water beds is one of the highlights!



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Monatskarte € 85,– € 150,–
Halbjahreskarte € 250,- € 530,–
Jahreskarte € 450,– € 999,–