A sunny plateau with views to the lake

Our sunny plateau which has lake views!


Our sunny plateau will inspire you and your children with a sand-mud area for playing on, digging and splashing. For adults there is a lounger area with seats so you get to enjoy your cappucinno or a small beer!

Enjoy the view to Lake Zell on our Hollywood swing, at the highest point of our sunny plateau.

A place for explorers and adventurers... Direct access from the children's play room to the ALPI play area with sand-mud area, dam, house on stilts, fire pit, stroking and feeding the ponies


Barefoot trail on the sunny plateau

Do you know what it feels like or smells like to feel the soft grass beneath your feet, and what the year rings on a tree are, or what a bed of pine cones is like? To experience a little, cool mountain stream which reinvigorates your senses – that is wellness in the open natural surroundings! We provide you with a massage, without a masseur.

Experience the barefoot trail on the Alpenblick sunny plateau