4*s Sport Hotel
Zell am See

Your new work-out outfit looks great on you! Show it off, we will accompany you. We will push you on your path and lead you – past your weaker self – across your personal finish line.

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Fitness at 4*s Sport Hotel Alpenblick

  • New generous panorama gym on more than 300 m²: gym with high-tech equipment for cardio and weight training - with or without personal coach
  • 70 m²-large fitness room with wooden resilient floor
  • Supervised FitMindBody program – 7 days a week
  • FitKitchen – cuisine for athletes & the health-conscious
  • Diverse, seasonal program with workshops and retreats
  • Competent sports scientists, certified instructor and coaches for exercise, strength, endurance, flexibility
  • Individual performance diagnostics & certified nutrition advice
  • "Fountain of strength" with smoothies, boosters, and superfood, which supports your sports program in the best possible way

... an innovative, powerful home base for your athletic final touch, building endurance instead of simply burning energy

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Philosophy

Fit for life – fit for the future!

Our fitness and sports philosophy is made up of scientific methods, thought-through programs, and empathetic, competent people, who inspire and convey an enthusiasm for movement. For us, sports are like a cut diamond in the sun: valuable and radiantly beautiful, simply moving. With each turn a different facet sparkles.

Sports can do so much

  • Sports & being happy: producing happiness hormones, which strengthen your psyche
  • Sports & being healthy: scientifically based therapy methods which are tailored to your needs
  • Sports & being fit for the future: holistic prevention, which prepares for life's various challenges
  • Sports & being balanced: ways to more serenity and ease of mind, which permanently improve your every-day life
  • Sports & being exactly right: muscle build-up and weight reduction through optimal exercise and nutrition

Fitness Competence

Here they are: our sports scientists and coaches from the various fitness fields. They are driven by their passion for people in motion, and their life's blood lies in the transmission of motivation for and joy in doing sports.

They know that in this way everybody can build their own foundation for a healthy, pain-free, and fulfilled life. They are characterized by their profound knowledge, a solid education, and ample experience with "their weaker self."

Ready for Motivation

In – out, high – low, hop or drop! Sports and exercise between mountain, glacier, and lake in the middle of Zell am See's extraordinary natural setting. In this scenic mix of clear mountain air and the scent of freedom being motivated almost comes without any effort.

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Guests

Which wellness offers are there at Sport Hotel Alpenblick?

Our complete wellness & SPA offer comprises 5 areas:

Please see our spa folder for all of our massages and beauty treatments on offer.

Are there special sports programs?

Our supervised FitMindBody program was especially devised by our licensed trainers and takes place 7 days a week. Private personal trainings with our coaches can also be arranged.

Outside of our gym there are countless athletic activities you can do as well. From guided hikes to golf courses at Golfclub Zell am See-Kaprun, mountain biking & skyvering in the Salzburg Alps to cross-country skiing, ski touring and skiing & snowboarding classes - Zell am See has something for everyone.

We are happy to help you at the front desk!

Is there a vegan option for meals?

Yes, we offer a vegan option. In our fit KITCHEN a four-course meal with an alkaline focus, which is also vegan, is prepared daily.

How much is an individual performance diagnosis?

The standard test in performance diagnostics in the laboratory to determine your training areas! You can take this test on the cycle ergometer, CYCLUS2 (on your own bicycle – mountain bike or racing bike), or on the tread mill. Training consultation is included!

The lactate step test costs €130.

How can I sign up for the FitMindBody program?

You can find the FitMindBody program in our weekly program! Just sign up at our Beauty and SPA front desk.

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