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Sporthotel Alpenblick Zell am See Kaprun Salzburg Austria family holiday

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Monday: Schmidolin’s Baptism of Fire

Into adventures with Schmidolin - answer tricky questions, survive daring tests of courage and show off your skills while climbing, balancing and hovering above the ground. Complete all the the stations and enter this into your adventure pass – a certificate and a reward awaits. With the adventure pass you also get a ‘dragon’ drink in the Areit Alm. Extra craft fun – we make Indian jewellery and rain rattles.

Fun and excitement with a fantastic programme for all children aged from 8 to 12 is included FREE OF CHARGE!

Tuesday: FAMILY trekking with llamas & alpakas

In the tracks of gold The animals invite you into this adventurous mountain realm to enjoy an adventure-packed trek. Where centuries ago those in search of gold tried their luck, you can now pan for gold and precious stones too. Look forward to setting up camp in the crystal clear mountain stream and to some fired marshmallows. Any treasure you find will be brought back home by the llamas and the alpacas – we are real gold prospectors.


Sporthotel Apenblick Zell am See Kaprun Salzburg Tyrol Austria archery

Wednesday: GLACIER DAY ICE & SNOW on the Kitzsteinhorn

In the summer on the snow-covered peaks up at 3000m – even yetis will be envious! Sliding in the snow – the best adventures in the unique ICE ARENA with the slide runs in the summer snow, the magic carpet and on the secured glacier trail. A snowball fight in the summer – no problem! Who will encounter this icy centre during the „Ice Age“ archery? Take part in all the fun on the glacier;.

Thursday: ADVENTURE-FILLED DAY ON THE FARM at Augut-Bauer in Zell am See

The animals at the farm are waiting to see you! You can even pet and feed them. We bake fresh bread, make delicious butter and fresh cheese and eat all the delicious food together! Pure adventure play – be a winner at the welly boot throwing competition, the farm puzzle rally in the natural surroundings and at the wheelbarrow race. Those who have enough energy left over can learn how to felt using real alpaca wool.


Sporthotel Alpenblick Zell am See Kaprun SalzburgerLand pirates at Zeller See

Friday: Pirates ahoy on Lake Zeller

Pirates have hidden treasure at Lake Zeller. Can you find it? Follow the treasure map in the bottle post and the gold coin treasure is yours! &Surprise: the gold coins are edible. Ahoy pirate! You get to show-off your skills during stand-up paddling, trampoline jumping at the lake, slacklining and fancy work.


Swimming like a mermaid

Once again this summer we are offering something new:

In the Alpenblick all children can now learn to swim like a mermaid. They get to dress up with colourful flippers and then head into the water like wonderful mermaids. Our chief mermaid Sabrina will show you how it's done. So much fun awaits and fun games in and under the water. Mermaid swimming takes place in July and August once a week.

Participation is free for all children up to the age of 13. Extra charge Euro 10,00 per child