Teenager Summer Days
A fantastic holiday programme

For teenagers aged between 12 and 16 - everything is included!


Teenager Summer Days is the ideal holiday programme for children aged between 12 and 16. Teens can enjoy a new and exciting adventure every day, from a trip to a gorge to surfing, rafting and beach volleyball! It’s a chance to meet other teens staying at the Alpenblick – and make new friends too!

What we have in store for the youngsters:


  • Monday: cool Segway Tour
  • Tuesday: rafting Tour
  • Wednesday: windsurfing
  • Thursday: archery
  • Friday: canyoning tour
  • Saturday: discgolf
  • Sunday: beach Volleyball

zum Teenager Summerdays Flyer


Segwaying is easy to explain, easy to learn, lots of fun, attention-grabbing, can be done anywhere and totally environmentally friendly. Battery-operated Segways have a maximum speed of 20km/h, tackling forest paths, meadows and light terrain with ease. You’ll quickly learn how to operate the Sedway – and that’s when the fun starts!


The province of Salzburg has some of Austria’s most interesting rafting rivers. Set off in the company of an experienced team of rafting guides, well equipped for an amazing experience of the natural world. Always fun – even when it rains!


Lake Zell (5sqkm) offers ample space for windsurfing and, with the right wind conditions, you can count on good speeds and lots of fun.


The aim of disc golf is to throw a frisbee from the tee area into the target – a metal basket – in the fewest strokes. Schmitten offers an impressive 18-hole downhill course, so players need patience, concentration and steadiness to complete the game!


Experience the power of nature, crystal clear water, thundering waterfalls and extraordinary rock formations. Canyoning is an outdoor adventure with plenty of fun and lots of thrills!

Teenager beim Klettern


Overcome limits, tackle obstacles, scale the peaks and enjoy the spectacular views! Climbing is a challenge requiring skill and technique – as well as strength and physical fitness.


The ultimate challenge! Enjoy lots of fun and action at the beach volleyball tournament - put your team together and test out your skills on the warm sand!