Teen Treatments

Beautiful Glowing Young Skin

Even if you think nobody understands you–all adults have been through it–the teenage years. Sometimes positive. Sometimes also negative. On top of emotional roller-coasters, first love, and fights with our parents, our appearance is another burden to carry. A spot here, redness there. And each blemish a catastrophe of its own!

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Beauty for teens at Beauty Hotel Alpenblick

  • Effective beauty treatments
  • Teen treatments developed by experts
  • Customized for your skin, your wishes & needs
  • Especially anti acne, blemishes, blackheads, redness, …
  • OUR GOAL: love your look!
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Treatments for Young, Teen-aged Skin

Gentle, but highly effective, profound & deeply cleansing, relaxing & really soothing–our teen treatments at Beauty Hotel Alpenblick will make you and your skin glow–and finish off acne and the like.


Teens facial treatment

You and your individual wishes are the focus of our beauty treatments. Important: blemished skin in teenagers is usually caused by hormones and disappears by itself over the years. But especially as a teenager, you want to feel good in your own skin.

That's why we'll fight your skin problem with a facial treatment tailored to your skin type! It's easier than you think!

50 minutes | € 90

Teens massage

Want to be massaged from top to bottom, kneaded, relaxed and let yourself unwind? Sounds a bit like a stressed-out manager, but why not treat yourself to a spa break as a teenager in a suitable environment and enjoy the gentle touches and massages.

20 minutes | € 40

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