Teen Treatments

Beautiful Glowing Young Skin

Even if you think nobody understands you–all adults have been through it–the teenage years. Sometimes positive. Sometimes also negative. On top of emotional roller-coasters, first love, and fights with our parents, our appearance is another burden to carry. A spot here, redness there. And each blemish a catastrophe of its own!

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Beauty for teens at Beauty Hotel Alpenblick

  • Effective beauty treatments
  • Teen treatments developed by experts
  • Customized for your skin, your wishes & needs
  • Especially anti acne, blemishes, blackheads, redness, …
  • OUR GOAL: love your look!
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Treatments for Young, Teen-aged Skin

Gentle, but highly effective, profound & deeply cleansing, relaxing & really soothing–our teen treatments at Beauty Hotel Alpenblick will make you and your skin glow–and finish off acne and the like.


Effective Facial Treatments against Spots, Blackheads & Redness

In our beauty world you and your personal wishes occupy center stage. Important fact: Most of the time, skin blemishes during one's teenage years are hormone-induced and disappear again over time. But especially as a teenager you want to feel confident in your own skin.

With a type-based facial treatment we will declare war on your skin problems! That may be simpler than you think: With mild products that are customized to your skin needs, effective ingredients, and a gentle cosmetics treatment, we offer teenagers with skin blemishes an effective treatment against pesky spots, redness, and blackheads.

30 minutes | € 45

Deeply Clean

Skin Analysis, Deep Cleansing, and Care for Teen-age Skin Problems

Acne and bad skin, classic combination skin, large pores, fat blackheads–you probably know the entire width of "abominations" your skin can bring unto you. We will help you effectively to fight against all of this unpleasantness.

After a skin analysis we will decide together, which kind of deep cleansing is appropriate for your skin problem, from gentle scrub to pervasive lactic acid– we will find the right path. After cleansing, your skin will become relaxed with the application of serums and care products, and we will give you advice on how to best take on your skin problems in your day-to-day life.

55 minutes | € 80

Relaxed from Head to Toe

Chill-out Massage & Compress plus Facial Treatment

What about having yourself be thoroughly massaged from head to toe, kneaded, and relaxed? Sounds a little like stressed-out manager, but why shouldn't you as a teenager enjoy some down-time in a spa, and especially the smooth touch and massages.

Our wellness program that is especially for teenagers comprises a full-body massage, a purging compress, and a beauty facial that matches your skin.

120 minutes | € 149

Beauty Basics | Individual Services

under age 14

20 minutes | € 28

20 minutes | € 28
Lacquer for hands or feet | € 8

Back and neck massage
15 minutes | € 29

Foot and leg massage
15 minutes | € 29

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