Diagnostics & Checks

With our sports scientists and trainers we cater to your athletic performance profile. We examine your current physical condition and look at your resilience and performance level.

This way we receive the necessary data in order to create a training tailored to your needs, ensuring your efficient training progress gets off to a perfect start.

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The core elements of our offer:

  • Individual performance diagnostics
  • Individual training plan
  • Individual training supervision
  • Bioimpedance analysis* for weight-reduction programs
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Fit for Life – Fit for the Future!

*Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) serves as a way to determine body composition: body fat, total body water (TBW), muscle mass, fat-free body mass, body cell mass (BCM), extracellular mass (ECM), lean body mass (LBM). The measuring involves a weak, not perceptible electric current flowing through the body. The data taken is then combined with data such as weight, height, age, and sex, and evaluated by specialized software. It serves:

  • to determine the basal metabolism
  • to scrutinize a sports program's success rate
  • as long-term control in weight stabilization
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