Our Team of Experts

You are waiting for a miracle: When will sports finally be fun and bring me to my highest fitness level? Very soon! And on vacation to boot. Activity and sports vacations are trending. To finally have time for exercise, trying out new sports, burning off energy without any limit. How to levitate with feelings of elation while being in the flow is what the Alpenblick team of experts will show you.

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Our Team

Trainers Alex Auernigg and Philipp Aigner form our core team. The Alpenblick team of experts is complemented by external specialists, who share their know-how as needed during workshops and special thematic weeks or weekends.

Philipp Aigner, fitness trainer at Sporthotel Alpenblick in Zell am See

Philipp Aigner

  • Certified fitness trainer Philipp Aigner lives for sports and weight training. With these areas he covers a great number of various training possibilities/forms. But Phil's specialties are training using just your body/core stability/stability in general.
  • As an active national league player on the men's TvZ-Wikings floorball team, he brings a great deal of experience when it comes to training planning/preparation phase/competition phase.
  • Education: certified fitness trainer FlexisportAcdademy (with insight into nutrition and personal coaching).
  • Philipp has been a ski instructor for 12 years and a national league player for 8 years.

Margret Wöhrer, BSc

  • Dietician
  • TEH® (Traditional European Healing) Nutritionist
  • TEH® Practitioner

Our "health fairy" Margret is an expert in nutrition, herbs and traditional medicine. Ban lists and strict "diets" are far from her mind. Important to her are a positive view of food that is good for us, sustainability and of course enjoyment!

"Your food should be your remedy and your remedy should be your food" - Hippocrates (460 BC).

Margret Wöhrer, expert for nutrition, herbs and traditional medicine at the Sporthotel Alpenblick in Zell am See

Carina Hacksteiner

Yoga + Pilates = Yogalates

As the name suggests, Yogalates is a composition of yoga and Pilates. Yogalates began in the USA in the early 2000s. Yogalates session for beginners and advanced in the yoga teacher Carina.

Karin Klausner

As a masseuse and spa manager, Karin Klausner enriches the Alpenblick #fitforlife concept with effective retreats & customized treatments. Her best experience: freeing people from pain and improving their quality of life in the long term.

Training: commercial masseuse, medical masseuse, acupuncture massage extra course, scar removal certificate, hot stone training, Lomi Lomi Nui, fascia massage, trigger point massage, cupping massage, lymphatic drainage according to Dr. Vodder

All SA Spa treatments can be found here in our folder.

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Christine Segl

You can't stop the goosebumps, your breath catches, your teeth chatter ... Now gather up all your courage and dive into the icy cold Zeller See.

Our therapist Sintija is beaming all over: "Ice bathing is great - and so incredibly healthy!"

Katharina Wieser-Lubenik

In my vinyasa yoga classes I harmonize movement and breath. I blend the classic hatha yoga style with the modernity of the vinyasa style.

Accompanied by music and with a focus on the mat, a new flow develops in every class, which will lead you to a higher level of body-consciousness and will let you get to know every part of yourself better.

I look forward to seeing YOU and the sparkle in your eye.


Katharina Wieser-Lubenik, yoga teacher at Sporthotel Alpenblick in Zell am See
Edith Spa Sportresort Alpenblick Zell am See

Edith Takacs

Masseuse & beautician

My mission is to help people feel completely comfortable in their bodies.


Healing masseuse, chiropodist, beautician, Nuad Thai, Dorn Breuss massage, hot stone massage, Haki method, JET PEEL, Swiss stone pine vitality massage, cupping massage

All SA Spa treatments can be found here in our folder.

Elisabeth Wörgetter

Sous chef, diet chef & herb witch

Even as a child, Elisabeth eagerly collected information about the world of plants and herbs. The diet chef would like to pass on the positive properties of these plants to our guests. In her workshops, she makes oxymel, prepares sourdough bread and preserves vegetables through fermentation.

To the workshops of our herb witch

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