Work-Life Balance

On the way to happiness you need to reach your objective. And this objective can be reached by having work-life balance. Sounds simple at first glance.

From a scientific standpoint, however, this is not a uniform phenomenon but an entire subject area with one central question: How do my occupational life and personal life relate to each other and how do they interact?

The »work« component usually  refers to gainful employment, the »life« component to other areas of life such as family, friendships, health behavior, volunteer work etc.

If not now, then when?

Take a moment to look at your life to see how the various areas of life relate. Are the 4 areas of life in balance? What is being neglected? Think about which areas in your life are especially important. How many per cent would you give each area presently?

With our FitMindBody program or one of our workshops & yoga retreats you will find your perfect work-life balance to keep you healthy and capable.

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The 4 areas that make up your balance of life:

  • Body & health: nutrition, rest, relaxation, fitness, life expectancy
  • Work & accomplishment: occupation, money, success, career, wealth, prosperity
  • Family & contacts: friends, affection, appreciation
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